Best Alternatives to Adsense Ads 2021/2022

Are you frustrated by Adsense approval? Here are alternatives to Adsense that pays more!

Google Adsense is the largest ads network that pays publishers commission for ads being displayed on their websites/blogs, getting adsense approval these days is not easy unlike before, a lot of people thinks that Google Adsense is the only means they can monetize their website to earn, in this article, I will show you the best alternatives to Adsense that will fetch you a lot of money, you can even earn more to Adsense if you are hard-working.

However, google adsense approval is reasonably simple compare to most of the ones I will mention below, but don’t be discouraged, getting approval is simple when your website design is good and have the required traffic, so let’s bag some money.

Adsense alternatives
Adsense alternatives is owned and controlled by Yahoo! and Bing webmaster, it is the best adsense alternative when it comes to ads types, their ads display is almost just like the adsense, it will be very difficult to differentiate which one is adsense and which one is not as they both display highly contextual ads and get paid when you reach the $100 threshold. For you to be approved by, make sure;

  • your traffic is mostly coming from the USA, UK, and Canada.
  • Must have a reasonable amount of unique content that is regularly updated with no third-party copyrighted material used in your content.
  • All content should be in no other language than English.
  • Have a good volume of unique visitors to your blog.
  • Avoid placing excessive third-party ads in your blog to compete with each other, nobody likes rivals. Conclusion is the best adsense alternative, however, it’s not better than adsense because adsense pays well and their criteria are so simple. Adsense support many languages and doesn’t require geo-targeted countries for you to be approved and start earning.


Propeller ads

PropellerAds is almost the best adsense alternative compare to, the reason why I said this is because you get approved within minutes and start earning, it’s very easier to earn with PropellerAds as they have all the required Ads format to make you maximise your earnings. Ads format like;

  1. Multi-Tag
  2. In-page push (Banner)
  3. Push notification
  4. I click (Popunder)
  5. Interstitial and
  6. Direct link (Direct ads)

The amazing part of PropellerAds is that they have an Anti-AdBlock system bypass which enables you not to miss out on revenue from the huge traffic coming to your site, every visitor must count. Also, the payout is really good for a new blog/ website that is just trying to see how it work, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $25.

PropellerAds Conclusion

PropellerAds is a great network to monetize your traffic, your site doesn’t need to have thousands of traffic before you can be approved


Ezoic ads

Ezoic is a fast-rising Ads platform we can, for now, say it’s another good adsense alternative, Ezoic has some cool features that other ads networks don’t have and that made them stand out from the ground. According to Ezoic, The main reason they are in existence is to;

“help publishers more easily access and navigate sophisticated and premium ad operations through our monetization features”.

Ezoic has a good number of tools to help you monetize and improve your website performance. Tools like the Ezoic Ad Tester is top-notch compared to others, what makes Ezoic Ad Tester different when compared to other ad networks like Google Adsense, PropellerAd,, or other ads platform.

The other cool feature Ezoic has is the Site Speed Accelerator, this caching tool helps you boost your website speed by over 100%, this makes your website load faster in other not to affect your SEO, normally, ads slows down the website but with Ezoic ads, you have nothing to worry about, your site speed as it will not slow down your website but boost.

Another cool feature of Ezoic is the Google AMP converter tool. This tool helps you convert any of your website’s pages to Google AMP compliant mobile sites. Are you ready to start using Ezoic ads? Here are the little requirement needed to get started.

  • 10,000 monthly pageviews are required to get Ezoic approval. However, there is a chance for small blogs to shine too, you can get approval if your site has a unique 4000 monthly pageviews.
  • Your articles must be original and unique.
  • All your website traffic must be human and identifiable.

Ezoic Conclusion

Ezoic Ad platform is another great alternatives to adsense that has all adsense features and even more! The Site Speed Accelerator is not just an ordinary tool, but in the long run, Google Adsense is still better.


Adsense alternative
Adsense alternatives

Setupad is is a leading ad platform for publishers to monetize and maximise revenue from their traffic, we can say Setupad is another great alternatives to adsense if your site meets their standards, and over 100,000 thousand monthly pageviews are required to be eligible for Setupad and €100 is their threshold.

Setupad has some quiet ads format that works well both on desktop and mobile devices, such as the Billboard ads, the Leaderboard ads, the Sidebars and Rectangular form of ads. These ads display just like that of the google adsense;

  • Interstitial ads
  • Native ads
  • Video ads
  • Anchor ads

Setupad Conclusion

Setupad is a great platform for publishers who want to earn revenue from their huge traffic, it is also one of the best alternatives to adsense anyone who got rejected or ban by adsense, one of the advantages of Setupad is that it has a reporting tool for real-time stats to help you monitor all your ads clicks, impressions inventory.

Best Adsense alternatives

Infolinks is not just of the best adsense alternatives, in fact, it is the best if ad platform if you are into affiliate marketing, no other ads platform can generate you more money than Infolinks ads. Infolinks doesn’t require much to get approval unlike the ones mentioned above, you only need to be in the right niches like fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, health, Tech and a few others. One of the reasons I like I love Infolinks is that it’s incubated by Google’s and is an extremely SEO-friendly ad program.

Adsense alternatives

Here are the SEO friendly ads format Infolinks uses in their platform;

  • Intags: Displays anchor texts ads on your content making it look like your own internal or external links, Intags ads format is a very good way to generate more clicks and revenue.
  • Infold: These ads only target search traffic and displays users footer-sticky ads. InFold ads are SEO-friendly, as ads are provided about what users came looking for via search engines.
  • Intext: Ads are positioned carefully between content fitting the best keyword and retaining relevance. Publishers are authorized to rewrite the size and quantity of InText ads.
  • Inframe: These are skyscraper ads coming out on either edge of widescreen devices. (Desktop, Ipad) The content stays at the centre of the screen while InFrame ads proceed to deliver ad impressions without offending the site layout.
  • Article: These are user-initiated expandable ads. It holds for visitors to start engaging with the site content and widens at the right time for full engagement.

Infolinks is a good adsense alternative if your traffic is mostly coming from Canada, the USA and UK, though its pay is a little bit low, however, if you have good traffic, the probability of earning $300-400 monthly is high.

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Tips for getting adsense approval

Google adsense remain the best when it comes to ads network, and Google always gives publishers as many times as possible to fix the problem with their blog and apply again if rejected before. I’ve seen many posts on Facebook by users getting approved by just 5 blog posts. So what did I do? I visited their site and found very relevant long text content with cool pictures used in the posts.

Also, I found out that they all have the following pages

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms of Use
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

If you don’t have those pages, you can create them now and assign them as your footer menu, this helps Google adsense to know more about your website and have trust in your site. Read and accumulate the message sent by Adsense for rejecting your site, sometimes, a bad coded theme or template can be the course of being rejected. Change your theme or template and check if you are using copyrighted materials in your posts and flush them away.

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Final Conclusion

If you’ve tried many times on getting adsense approval but failed, it’s not the end of the road, try applying for any of the mentioned ads networks above, you might even start to blame yourself for not trying adsense alternatives all these while. let me know in the comment box which ads network works best for you.

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