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Why You Should consider Enabling Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) on your website/blog this 2021

You must have come across the lightning bolt sign next to a result in a mobile SERP, and you may be wondering about what it is, well, it is the great work of the Google AMP Project.

The acronym “AMP” stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and it was built “to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web”

Also, You might have clicked on a mobile SERP and the page load instantly like a blink of an eye, that’s a fully AMP-enabled page.

What is AMP?


AMP is a Google-backed project to speed up the delivery of contents through the usage of stripped-down code known as AMP HTML. Also, AMP is a means to create web pages for fixed content, which enables the pages to load vastly than normal HTML.

AMP was specially made for publishers who run News/magazines website, according to Google” we’d like to have mobile pages whereby visitors using a smartphone wouldn’t have to wait before a specific webpage load.

Having AMP-enabled pages doesn’t boost traffic to your website, however, the possibilities of your pages appearing on SERP are higher than non-AMP enabled pages.

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How do I enable AMP on my website?


To get started with the AMP project on your website, first of all, go to your WordPress dashboard -> Plugins -> Add new, then input “AMP for WordPress” install and activate the plugin.

After you’ve successfully activated the plugin, launch the wizard and follow the simple guide to set up the AMP project on your website.

PS: I will advise you to choose Reader Mode if you don’t know how to code because transitional mode or standard mode may cause conflict between your theme and the plugin.

To change a few settings on your websites such as the colour and your logo, go to your WordPress dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize, make sure you save your settings immediately when you are happy with your design.

Unfortunately, AMP for WordPress doesn’t have so many cool features like taking charge of your SEO, installation Google analytics, Instant article setup however, there’s another AMP plugin with lots of free and paid add-on.

AMP for Wp – Accelerated Page

Amp for wp

Now I will assume you want to optimise your site more, to use these wonderful features, navigate to your Plugins -> Add New then enter “AMP for WP” from the search bar, install and activate to get started.

Additional, go to the new AMP tab in your WordPress dashboard and assign your choice panel view option. If you’ve chosen ADVANCE, you will see a menu with sections for SETTINGS, DESIGN, EXTENSIONS, etc.

Let’s start with the General settings, here you have the full power of SEO, Google Analytics, Comments and more, however, let’s go deeper for better understanding.

  • SEO this option includes meta description settings, integration with your preferred SEO plugins, etc.
  • Performance here, you will find a single setting for toggling file minification on and off. Minification can further enhance the speed of your web page.
  • Analytics – you can set up integration with Google Tag Manager here, as well as for analytics options.
  • Comments this option allows you to configure whether or not you want to involve WordPress, Disqus, and/or Facebook comments in your WordPress AMP.
  • Advanced Settings be careful with this option, inserting multiple scripts to the header and footer of Your AMP  can somewhat slow down the speed.  Enter your custom HTML for headers and footers, set up mobile redirection, and toggle retina images on and off.

Always remember to click on”Save Changes” for each setting once you have configured them. After that, select the Design tab:

This is where you can customize the look of your WordPress AMP site. To do this, you can choose a genuine AMP theme out of various listed in the Theme Selector drop-down menu.

After assigning your preferred theme, you can customize the way it looks. You’ll find design settings for colour schemes and typography, which are listed in the Global tab, header and footer display choices, homepage sidebar options, and more.

In the Social section, you can also select what social media buttons you wish to display on your WordPress AMP site.

Once you’re good with the way your AMP website looks, you can save your modifications. You can also preview these changes by simply navigating to Appearance> AMP.

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Let us know in the comment if you are having problems enabling AMP on your website, we will gladly assist you.

Originally posted on June 16, 2021 @ 6:46 am

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