[Fixed] Discovered currently not indexed GSC issues

How to fix the “Discovered currently not indexed in Google search console (GSC)

Discovered currently not indexed

How to get rid of ” Discovered currently not indexed in Google Search Console? Here’s how I fixed mine.

Discovered currently not indexed

It can be very annoying when you create a mind-blowing competing article that you want to rank for and Google decided to delay your post from being indexed. Well, it’s not Google’s fault most times, 80% of the issues were from your end. Discovered currently not indexed means Google is aware of your link but unable to index it at the moment.

If your website has below 10.00 pages and have a good amount of quality content and you are experiencing this issue, sit back and relax your head because your discovered URLs state will automatically be indexed when your website is crawled again. But if your content has no value, Google can delay such posts from being indexed.

Causes of Discovered currently not indexed

If you’re running a large website with over 10.00 pages like (News) and keep on having this issue, it could be a site-wide problem or even caused by:

  • Poor internal link structure: Google’s love posts with lots of links, these URLs tells them how often you keep your site updated with fresh content. This can be fixed by enhancing your internal linking method.
  • Poor content: Google is wise enough to know what kind of content to be indexed, Google can’t just index any post to their search engine, your post must have values to humans.
  • Server overload: crawling and indexing your post can be delayed if the server is overloaded, sites that can’t be reached and appear the 500/503 error codes when visited can’t be crawled by spiders and therefore indexing will behold.
  • SEO plugins conflict: having more than one SEO plugin (Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, AIO SEO) installed and activated on a single website is like locking a hungry lion and tiger together, for sure you know that peace won’t reign. These plugins have different sitemaps and meta descriptions which will cause duplicate content which Google’s dislike.
  • Too much content: if your website has much more content that is being generated by your site users(UGC) and auto-generated content that Google isn’t ready to index at the moment.

How To fix Discovered currently not indexed

If you are still having this issue after improving the above causes, consider the below methods I used.

  1. Add more indexed URLs in your posts to boost the chances of your fresh URLs being indexed on time.
  2. Update your Robot.txt file and make sure you don’t make use of the “Disallow” too often in your settings.
  3. Switch from whatever SEO plugin you are using to Rank Math SEO, the pro version is highly recommended.
  4. Don’t use the instant indexing API for the sake of quick URLs indexing purposes, Google’s warning about the misuse of the instant indexing API for anyhow website aside Heavy News website.
  5. Make sure you don’t have duplicate content, if found, Google won’t index such URLs as they won’t know the canonical URL which should be indexed.


To avoid this issue permanently, always fix all your Google search Console errors on time, Google’s love site owners who take care of their website technical issues, most issues from your GSC can be fixed with ease while some needs a technical SEO expert to fix the problem. Let me know how you fixed you “Discovered currently not indexed” issue in the comments section below.

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