Guest Posting: Does it still works this 2021? Find out

If you’ve heard about guest posting and thinking if it can increase traffic to your website, go through this guide.

Guest posting can increase your daily traffic if you guest post on a high page that has lots of daily traffic, you can’t just go to any website that accepts guest blogging and start writing, you need to make some research about the website you are about to drop your article on if it worth it.

Guest posting

What is guest posting or guest blogging?

Guest posting/guest blogging is writing a post for and getting published for other websites in other to create awareness of your brand, get traffic and also earn backlinks to your website.

How do you find good guest blogging websites?

Finding a good guest blogging website is very easy, Google search can bring out multiple results of guest blogging opportunities by entering these terms;

  • Keyword write for us”
  • Keyword “guest posting”
  • Keyword “guest blogging”
  • Keyword “Submit a post”
  • Keyword “read our guest blogging guidelines”

The above terms will lead you websites that accept guest blogging, change the “Keyword” to your niche related keywords. So after finding a good website of your niche that accept guest blogging, the next step to take is to check the website domain authority, spam score and the monthly traffic of the website, when you’ve made your research and are satisfied with it, follow these steps below to begin writing.

Requirements for writing a good guest blogging

  • Write Original Content
  • Article length
  • Mind-blowing bio

Write original content

What I mean by writing original content is by writing a post that is never seen on the internet before, a post like that tends to remain ever-green content.

Article length

The length of your article matters a good article of 15002500 words is perfectly fine, even though it’s more than that, however, give your points and stop beating around the bush just because you want to have a long post.

Mind-blowing bio

Crafting a mind-blowing bio can boost your brand worth, be original when writing your bio and make sure to add your website URL and your social media handles to build a link back to your website and create a trust for your brand.


So does guest blogging increases traffic? Well, the answer is YES! It does if the website only has a huge amount of daily traffic, you will not only get traffic but will also earn quality dofollow backlinks which will boost your domain authority score.

Here is a list of guest blogging websites you might want to consider


2 General
3 News
4 SEO Blogs
5 SEO Blogs
6 SEO Blogs
7 SEO Blogs
8 SEO Blogs
9 SEO Blogs
10 SEO Blogs
11 SEO Blogs
12 SEO Blogs
13 SEO Blogs
14 SEO Blogs
15 SEO Blogs
16 SEO Blogs
17 SEO Blogs
18 SEO Blogs
19 Blogging Blogs
20 Blogging Blogs
21 Blogging Blogs
22 Blogging Blogs
23 Blogging Blogs
24 Blogging Blogs
25 Blogging Blogs
26 Blogging Blogs
27 Marketing Blogs
28 Marketing Blogs
29 Marketing Blogs
30 Marketing Blogs
31 Marketing Blogs
32 Marketing Blogs
33 Business Blogs
34 Business Blogs
35 Business Blogs
36 Business Blogs
37 Business Blogs
38 Business Blogs
39 Business Blogs
40 Business Blogs
41 Business Blogs
42 Business Blogs
43 Business Blogs
44 Business Blogs
45 SMM Blogs
46 SMM Blogs
47 SMM Blogs

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