How do you find ideal clients on Facebook this 2022? Full guide

How do you find ideal clients on Facebook this 2022? Let’s find how

Facebook is no doubt the biggest social media in the world with 2.89 billion monthly active users across the globe as of November. A lot of intrapreneurs have achieved greatness with this platform over the years by marketing their products, brands, and making massive sales. Now out of these 2.89 billion monthly users, 60% of people are searching for solutions to their problems, 40% are marketers promoting their brands, 20% are just looking for a relationship and 10% don’t know what they want yet, probably catching a cruise.

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someone with skills, reaching out to people to let them know the kind of services you render is a good marketing strategy and that’s where the topic comes in;

How do you find ideal clients on Facebook?

As Facebook is the largest social media in the world, also there are a lot of scammers online haunting victims. Many people are already aware and they’re very courteous about everything they do on the platform, so nobody trusts any profile anymore, that’s where the real challenges come in. However, you have to make them believe in you. And to achieve that, you must be;

  • Be Original
  • Be cool
  • Be Educative
  • Be Skilful


Be original

Being original is the powerhouse of finding ideal clients on Facebook, ensure to use your legal name, your profile should stand out, upload videos of you (doing your skills ) upload pictures often, it will boost trust in your profile, your profile should be visible to the public, tag your trusted colleagues in your posts and lastly, create a Facebook page and promote it and build a good relationship with your followers by replying to their comments.

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Be cool

How do you find ideal clients on Facebook
Be cool like this handsome dude

Numerous skilful Facebook users have not been able to get an ideal client because they don’t have patience, the platform itself wasn’t built in a day, it took several years to reach where it is today, so stay calm and work hard in a smart way.


Be Educative

How do you find ideal clients on Facebook
Acquire some knowledge bruh and you too sis

Being educative doesn’t mean you should have the whole degree, what I mean here is you should have at least basic knowledge of reading and writing. Also, ensure that you can speak the English language even though it’s not fluent in your tongue as English is the common global language spoken worldwide.

Be skilful

Be skilful
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You might be wondering why this subheading comes in here, yes I know that almost everyone has one or two skills but is the skill worth making something out of it? Is the skill worthy of showcasing to the public? Your skills/products you are building awareness to should be the consumer’s target, and that’s Google’s trends comes in, you get to know what people are searching for, the highest search keywords as of 2020 was Covid-19, Nose masks, hand sanitiser etc.

Final thought

Finding an ideal client’s on Facebook this 2022 shouldn’t be a problem if you follow the guide mentioned above, you just have to be yourself, don’t fake anything, use your real name to create your Facebook account, be strategic and also have a manner of approach, always remember to;

  1. Be cool
  2. Be original
  3. Be educative and
  4. Be skilful

How do you find your ideal client’s on Facebook? How long does it take you to find your first 10 clients? Please let me know in the comment section.


Originally posted on December 20, 2021 @ 3:21 pm

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