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How to boost WordPress slow website by following this simple 4 minutes guide.

The most common problem of WordPress websites is the slow loading of the web pages, and it’s not cool for yourself and your site visitors as you will be missing lots of traffic to your website, trust me, nobody likes a slow website. So in this article, I will show you how to boost WordPress slow website and enhance your site Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) performances.

How to boost WordPress slow website

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Before I continue, you might want to know how does a slow website affect your website SEO, grab your popcorn while you keep on reading as this article might take 4 minutes of your time or even more.

How does a slow website affect SEO?

Slow websites have a high impact on SEO, Google’s John Mueller, senior Google trends analyst warns against slow web pages 2020, in an interview. A web page needs to be fast to be categorised in the “really good” category for a better ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). And this will now take us to the main purpose of this post, how to boost WordPress slow website;

  • Avoid too many uses of WordPress plugins,
  • Use a lighter WordPress theme,
  • Use a good caching plugin

Avoid too many uses of WordPress plugins

Having multiple plugins installed on your WordPress website slows webpage, these plugins contain CSS/Javascript codes that will automatically add a few lines to your website immediately you install and activated it. Analytics plugins, embedded Facebook/Instagram feeds, social media share buttons also slow down WordPress.

 Use Light WordPress theme

Some WordPress themes contribute a lot to slow websites, many people make mistakes by choosing heavy themes for their websites because they find them very attractive. Themes like GeneratePress, Astra, Alpha, Ocean Wp, Newspaper, Newsmag and Publisher are some good examples of lightweight themes you should give a try if you are having a slow load of web pages.

Use a good caching plugin

Every WordPress website needs to have a caching plugin to flush out all the unused CSS after installing or deactivating a theme or plugin. Wp Rocket cache plugin is the best WordPress cache plugin right now, it has a lot of features to help you have the best of your WordPress website. It has the option to let clear all your website cache with just a single click, the amazing part of it is that you can also serve your files, images through the content delivery network (CDN).


The ideal way how to boost a WordPress slow website is by having a good light theme and avoiding using many plugins most especially analytics plugins and social media feeds. Use a good caching plugin like Wp Rocket cache or W3 total cache.


Originally posted on August 25, 2021 @ 9:44 pm

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