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How to come up with content ideas from Quora? Follow these simple steps

Are you wondering how your competitors come up with unique and fresh content daily or every week? As a blogger, you need to socialise with people, join communities and be active on social media. Most of all the search keywords on google come from social media.

In this article, I will show you how to come up with content ideas from Quora, the number one leading Question and Answer platform.

How to come up with content ideas from Quora


How to get content ideas from Quora? Follow the steps below

As I said, Quora is the number one leading Question and Answer platform with over 10 million daily active users, people signed up to Quora to get answers to their questions, to get more knowledge and also boost their website traffic.

Complete your profile; All you need to do to get Content ideas from Quora is to sign up and set up your profile, make sure you input your complete details so that your profile will stand out as professional.
Follow your competitors; Following your competitors on Quora is a great step, you will get to see all the questions they answer, and the strategy they are using in answering questions, how they insert links from their website to the related question asked.
Answer Questions; you need to start answering questions that your competitors have already answered, all you have to do is read your competitors answers and digest them, then come up with your content that is entirely different from their own, add a little more lines you think they omitted.
Gain popularity; focus more on answering questions and gain people’s trust and attention, by doing so, you are not only helping your audience, but you are also helping yourself gaining more confidence to be recognised by your competitors, they might follow and even link back to your articles if they find it relevant.
Search for questions; this is the most important part, search for highly anticipated questions answered by your competitors and few others, check every answer maybe they inserted a link to the related question, visit the link and see how relevant it is, penned down some tips, now find out the search volume keywords they use, create your content and include more points, make it a bit longer and add more images, publish your post, you may outrank them all for that particular search keyword.

Advantages of using Quora as a source of content ideas

• Easily and less competitive keywords
• Fresh content ideas
• Easy to outrank your competitors
• Boost your search presence
• Increase your traffic
• Backlinks building made easy
• Gain a reasonable amount of followers
• Improve your domain authority
• Improve your domain trust


Consider Quora as another great source of getting fresh content ideas, create an account and set up a professional profile, follow your competitors and monitor their activities, learn and jot down some key points from their answers, create unique content and add more details, make it longer then, outrank them. Yes, that is the goal.

Let me know if you find this technique useful on how to come up with content ideas from Quora in the comment box below.

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