6 sure ways to drive traffic from Pinterest to your blog

Massive Traffic from Pinterest search to your blog is Guaranteed if you follow these simple steps.

It’s very hard to get organic traffic to your website/blog these days, Google keeps on updating their algorithm that somehow affects your traffic, in the long run, you will discover that your SEO efforts are gone. So aside from Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, Ask, Baidu search engines we use to get organic traffic.

Do you know know that you can also drive massive traffic from Pinterest to your blog or website? Pinterest is not just a social media, unlike Facebook or Twitter, it is also a search engine where millions of people search for images to save, you can achieve this by just adding and saving pins to your board. I will show you how to go about it in this brief article.

6 Sure ways to drive massive traffic from Pinterest

Traffic from pinterest

To get started with Pinterest traffic, log in or register an account, (business account) and complete your profile. Add your website and make sure to claim it in other to monitor all your pins stats.

1. Create quality and unique image

When you visit Pinterest for the first time, what did you notice? Pictures, right? Pinterest is all about pictures, (quality pictures) and it’s full of competition, to outshine your competitors, you need to create high-quality unique pictures of good size, 1250×1500 pixel is good and recommended.

To drive traffic to your website with this picture, make sure you embed the picture in your blog post and share it on Pinterest, add a link to the post you want to drive traffic to, the better the share on your website, the better the chance to reach more audience.

 2. Publish at the right time

Publishing a post at the right time is a big boost to get your pins discovered by many audiences, to do this, post when people are online and the best time is when people  are back from work in the evening any time from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Create interesting boards and save pins to them either by uploading images or saving pins from other people’s boards. Save at least 10-15 pins every day to boost your profile and pin exposure to the public.

 3. Enhance your pin description for SEO

traffic from pinterest

Images tend to rank high on Google if proper SEO is carried out, remember Pinterest is also a search engine so your images will also rank high on the platform if you do the normal Pinterest SEO. To do this, when uploading a picture, ensure the Title matches that of the blog post and the description.

Insert the same keyword used in your blog post and also use the keywords suggestion Pinterest suggests when typing the keyword to use. Also, remember that keywords stuffing is bad so, avoid too many keywords in a single post.

4. Consider joining Group board

A common trick many Pinterest users use to drive traffic is group boards. Group boards are boards where you can invite people and get them to participate. Users with large followings encourage others to join their boards and pin. This will surely drive some traffic as board members will see your pins when you pin them.

Contact group board owners you find very large and interesting and ask them you would like to contribute to a group, tell them about your boards and pins and also state how you will help the group to grow.

5. Get more active followers

Pinterest is Just like Instagram and Twitter, if you want to have more engagement on your posts, then start building a strong fan base, solve peoples problems with your pins, promote your account, follow people that are also in your niche category and save their pins.

You will discover that you have more clicks, impressions and more pin saves if you post regularly and comment on others pins, it’s a vice-versa thing.

6. Run ads frequently

Running ads will boost your profile and pins visibility very quickly to thousands of audiences, but before you run the ads, ensure that you have posted enough images to the right boards so that when visitors visited your profile, there will be enough images to go through and that means more traffic to your website.

What other methods did you apply to drive more traffic from Pinterest? Let me know in the comment sections.


Originally posted on December 2, 2021 @ 2:24 pm

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